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September 17th, 2018

If you are a Trump supporter or swearing bothers you stop reading now. I am going to unload here……



Donald Trump Jr. is a piece of crap that did not fall far from the crap tree. Like his father he likes to post shit on social media. Today he mocked the woman who accused Kavanaugh  of sexual assault on Instagram. Could it be that Jr. is as much of an abuser as his piece of shit father?

I’m beyond anger with those who claim women who wait to report assault are lying or looking for attention. WE DON’T DISCLOSE OUT OF FEAR OF BEING ATTACKED FOR DOING SO!!!!

I kept my mouth shut for years. I am getting so sick of hearing ignorant asses doubt the abuse happened because we didn’t report it. Maybe we didn’t disclose because

… family said to stay quiet and not talk about it. If you ignore it, it will just go away!

… so many believe a husband can’t rape his wife. It’s sex in a marriage. That’s okay isn’t it, even if she says no?!?!?

… I came to believe I did something that made it okay. If I didn’t stop the guy it was okay, right?!?!

I didn’t talk about it because I was told to stay quiet. I was afraid I’d be blamed for what happened. I was afraid I wouldn’t be believed.


That worthless, racist, misogynistic asshole in the White House has given his follower tacit permission to spread their hate and abuse. I hope karma comes around and bites him a big one on his fat ass.




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